About Us
EEEEE.ORG stands for Extemporaneous Entertainment Excerpts Emitted Electronically. An original Internet project, eeeee.org has grown quite large... and is still growing today. Though a menu is provided to your left, the website was not meant to have much of a structure. Rather, it was intended to be a metamorphism... to be more amoeba-like.

Throughout time the body of work has acquired various nicknames including MegaEpix Enormous and Enterhtml. The name MegaEpix Enourmous came about when our web engineers created massive amounts of free MP3 music downloads, MPG videos and other files that took up huge amounts of space. The name Enterhtml came about when our software engineers invented one of the first blogs / forums. People could "enter html". It would be published live. Thus, it can be found in the directory tree at /enterhtml/live/.

Please feel free to browse with your browser. There is plenty of music and multimedia. Experiments covering areas from science to economics. If you have any questions, or would like to participate, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you. Please come again.