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Chapter 22
A Band of Merry Men Inspired by Genesis
with some music written by Genesis
All music and multimedia is arranged and performed by
The Slippermen

And, YOU!

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Chapter 22 is the last band that I would have ever envisioned. However, sometimes a force larger than oneself... reveals itself.

That is the case with Chapter 22. One day, a freak accident of a multimedia project crawled out from under a rock. Before the Supper's Ready project was even prepared... before it was even ready to be served, people started streaming from around the world. First, they came by the hundreds. Then, they came by the thousands... and the millions.

So, Chapter 22 was born out of the necessity to fill their growing appetite.

Chapter 22, one of this planet's most unlikely coverbands, now arranges and performs a variety of Genesis material. Hey... Supper's Ready! And, we're serving up dessert, too.

  1. Supper's Ready
  2. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  3. Genesis: I Know What I Like (More Info.) I Know What I Like In Your Wardrobe (Live N' Technofried Adlib Cover)
  4. The Knife

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